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Hey all! [04 Oct 2008|02:31am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I don't know if I'm allowed to be doing this...if not, my apologies...remove my post.

I am new to this community and looking to make some new friends. Tool and APC fans in particular (obviously.)

If you're keen, feel free to add me. Guys and girls, any age, skin colour, sexual orientation...it's all good here.

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[20 Aug 2004|04:03pm]

Not that I devote a lot of my life of my life to doing these sorts of things... I have a pretty fast processing speed. So I've spent a lot of relative time thinking about the track meaning up to about "Pet". So... you're all of course welcome to reinterpret, but it's not likely to change my mind. And I know a slew of people think that everything Maynard ever writes has religious subtext to it... I don't believe it. At least not with the revelations Tool's "Lateralus" album hints.

Track 1: "The Package" which is about "our" druggie doing what all hard up fiends do for drugs... break and entry of those we love to obtain funds to support their habit. "...take just what I came for... then (I'm out/I'll mount) the door again..."

Track 2: The single "Weak and Powerless" is so incoherent, it could only be about the obtained high from the drugs... Too many lyrical points to cite that support my conclusion.

Track 3: "The Noose" is something I'm still slightly sketchy on... For now, I'm going to say it's about "our" druggie's being acosted by a loved one, who then sort of retorts with a, "But, hey, fuck you. You're not high and mighty yourself." In: "...with heaven's help, you cast your demons out... And not to pull your halo down around your neck and tug you off your cloud... but I'm more than just a little curious how you're planning to go about making your ammends... to the dead... Recall the deeds as if they're all... someone else's atrocious stories..."

Track 4: "Blue" is the track that's dearest to me right now... It's about how "our" druggie is back in his drug scene but knows his limits and is attaining his high while watching someone he's close to start to drown in it... i.e. overdose. "I didn't want to know... I just didn't want to know... Best to keep things in the shallow end, 'cause I never quite learned how to swim. I just didn't want to know. I close my eyes just to look at you... taken by the seemless vision... and I close my eyes... ignore the smoke... ignore the smoke... ignore the smoke... Callin' out to me... she's turnin' blue... such a lovely color for you... callin' out to me, she's turnin' blue while I just sit and stare at you... because I don't wanna know..."

Track 5: "Vanishing" is more or less about "our" druggie fading into the background of whatever society he's a part of after his friend's overdose in the last track. It's mostly an instrumental, but I think it's also describing what's happening to his body as the drugs consume him, "...thinner, thinner, into the air..."

Track 6: "A Stranger" introduces someone entirely new to our storyline; a "stranger" to our druggie. Someone who's taken an obvious interest enough to try and help them, despite the obvious difficulties that are ahead of them. The "stranger" tries to remain apathetic, but cannot. And thus, is hurt when "our" druggie just begins his self-destructive rampage again... lead into next track...

Track 7: "The Outsider" is simply about the rampage that ensues from the backlash of "our" druggie's trying to respond to the tender care provided by the Stranger in the last track with the extreme opposite. And I'm assuming it's the narrator who's taking the stance of "just get the fuck away wit' yo' bad self".

Tracl 8: "Crimes" is pretty much purely instrumental... I think it's "our" druggie paying for his crimes and passing out... because I can't come up with anything better yet...

Track 9: "The Nurse Who Loved Me" is a cover song, originally by a band called Failure. It still fits in with the structure of this album, even if the current members of APC didn't write it. Now, I could be interpreting this all wrong so as it fits into the structure of the album to come... but I think this is simply about "our" druggie going head over heels for a nurse in whatever rehabilitation clinic he's in. The lyrics are up for interpretation.

(All interpretations beyond this point or purely speculative with little pre-thought gone into them. Take all with a pinch of salt. They're all open for re-interpretation by any.)

Track 10: "Pet" is, in my opinion, the most standout track on the album... lord help us if it's made a single... I hate when that happens. And I'm going to take this into a totally new direction to where "our" druggie gets ahold of a new addiction: addiction to a person. The "nurse" from the last track becomes infatuated with "our" druggie, to which he's just an unwitting accomplice, being weakened from all the rehabilitation. The song is more or less from the "nurse's" point of view.

Track 11: "Lullaby" has not alot of meaning... just a sort of fade out... into the powerful next track.

Track 12: "Gravity" Not ready to deal with this track yet. Too much personal meaning.

And then there's the whole issue of the title and the fact that there actually is no Thirteenth Step(track).
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[11 Jul 2004|01:48am]


join it.
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[13 Oct 2003|11:48pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

all right, now for the next song, i think we will go with "the noose" although i hate to do it, but its next on the list and something fun to talk about... so go ahead and click away if you with to read on and please post an opinion on what the song meant for you... thanks you guys...
this is only my opinion... dont be mad!!! muah, i love you allCollapse )

so has anyone seen the magazine that came out with that long ass interview with maynard? its awesome... theres a fold out of maynard totally all decked out with dynamite and shit... its awesome... when i think of the name I'll let you all know so you can all buy it!! he made front cover too!!! maynard rocks i say!!! my friend has my copy so I'll talk about that too next time as well...

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here...i'll go in for peace!! [13 Oct 2003|11:16pm]

[ mood | calm ]

look, i never meant to piss anyone off...i am sorry... does this help... no one has to be mad of upset that i have an opinion about shit... just accept thateach and everyone of us are different, and that all i wish to do is widen my verizons and see what you all can offer to me as new knowledge of a different view of thought... thanks for all the many comments i got, good or bad, i liked it all... yes i may have been a bit rather cold, but like i stated, Virgo's tend to do that... please lets stop bickering and fighting or being angry or annoyed... i dont want to piss anyone off and i dont want people to piss me off... i
m still gonna continue to post and question songs in my fellow communities, and if you happen to not like anything i have to say, then just comment on how you feel about the song, not how you think I'm wrong... this was the whole main idea of it all... not to start some kind of religious war on a tool community.. with this being said, i wish to move on, and i apologize to any and all who were hurt over mylast post about "the pet", i hope it opened eyes to some and entertained others... remember that you dont have to read my posts if you dont want to... simply skim down the scroll bar and pass me up if you will, but if you leave any comments please do so n your opinion, just dont go around slashing what i say, and try to prove your mind correct... we are all correct andwe are all wrong... everything is different? and yes...I will definitely lj-cut my longer posts...sorry, I d have a very wide intellectual side, so I have tons to say... you should see how much I write in my own personal journal at that... thanks again everyone and pleaseaccept my apology... I'm not trying to battle here... just learn different aspects of the human mind... muah!

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[13 Oct 2003|12:10pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

This post is going out to all of those who were ass hurt over my interpretation of APC’s
“the pet”....

first off, the comment that my post- or my personal opinion- made you sick is just
appalling... thats sad on your part that you for one are sick to your tummy cause I made
the obvious clear to you... so what? youre not a tool fan... you dont like apc? then why the
fuck are you in here? the term “simply tool” means just that... things in relation to tool
and otherwise of it... you see, had you not ever heard the song “pet”? had you not ever
heard the song “eulogy” by tool? I stated the obvious and you got sick because why? your
ass came to terms with the fact that you, yourself, are probably a PET (figuratively
speaking) as well...

the idea of me relating maynard as a “god” himself is just stupid...your ass couldn’t think
of anything else to say so you had to throw out some kind of comment that is supposed to
make me look like a hypocrite when openly and visually I’m not... not once did I say I
bow down to maynard... youre pissed off that you bow your head before your fucking
owner- slave... you see, all my thoughts and beliefs on religion and god and what have
you originated around 8th grade... I started to think for myself... then, fortunately in the
11th grade I found and came across tool and apc... and so I connected to the lyrics and
meaning of the songs of each CD I eventually bought... no... maynard is not my “god”...
maynard is a “god” when its said in a “not literally” form... just as the fact to “praise”
him... (or in better terms to adore and love and maybe for some to idealize)... for all he is
and what he does to help a lot of his fans make it through life... you see, there are many
of us who have been through too much in life, and finally there happens to be a band that
puts all our own feelings and thoughts (about any subject that is) into harmonious
music... and the simple fact that you cant relate- no, not even just relate, but empathize
with that fact is just your simple loss... and because I made the statement that you “pets”
would tell me to go to hell is the only reason why you had to come bitch and complain
that I didn’t use your definition of proper online grammar and the sorts right... you just
couldn’t find anything else that was wrong with my post, why? why, because this is my
opinion....not yours, but mine...

I’ll defend myself by all means when I think the hostile “pet” surely is sleep
and sleep talking... dont come give your piece of mind when you
truly had nothing to slice off... mumbling in your sleep is just out right slow...

and you asked what I meant when I said “I loved myself for this”... well, yes, I loved
everything I wrote down.... I loved the fact that I could so clearly put out what I felt as
true... what I felt was right... the fact that I could make my own choices... the
fact that I could say what ever I felt inside... yes, I love my post... you dont and never
have to like anything I post... you dont have to like yourself for that matter... all you have
to do is accept that not everyone in this damned world thinks entirely like you do... I
wanted comments and other opinions about the song at hand... not that you felt I was
wrong, or hurting you for that matter... I clearly stated that I felt sorry for those of you
who were inclined to being a “pet”, my words are not to hurt you, just to get out what I
feel... you dont have to go around trying to hurt someone’s feelings because they said
something you yourself may actually have seen, but are far too afraid to accept the
obvious and so you have to bash me down to make your self feel better... you can’t just
go around telling people their opinions are wrong... no ones personal opinion is right nor
wrong, just different... but I guess you are asleep in this world, so I would guess
you dont know that do you?

you see I am not even being quite rude here... and no, your comments didn’t make me
feel bad... no you didn’t make me sick to my stomach...why? because I’m very open
minded... I took what you had to say into thought and still I came out wholly sane... why
is it that you feel its necessary to rush your opinion onto mine in the fact to try to “prove”
that mine was wrong... thats plainly stupid... you cant justify your opinions either...

the statement that I cant justify that the song “pet” isn’t about the relation of “god” to his
“people” is just obviously slow, seeing as how I did so in my last post.... maybe its you
who just doesn’t understand... why because your ignorant right? your eyes are widely
shut, and youre too busy counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war
drums...correct? look at that, I can justify this shit with the song itself... damn this is
irritating to have to state my point twice...

unlike you, I actually make sense as to why I joined the communities I’m in... you on the
other hand have no business on being here if you arent a fan of tool or apc or any of the
sort for that matter... your the damn hypocrite if you join a tool community and are
completely blind to their lyrics... you obviously dont listen to the lyrics themselves do
you? I see you just sit around like those other “preppy” imbeciles and say “oh, I like this
song because he yelled and his voice is nice...and the beat is cool” no, you cant justify the
reasoning to like a certain band if you dont even know what the fuck they are singing
about in the first place...

can you possibly give me any other interpretation of the song “the pet” that isn’t of what I
stated it to be? damn, didn’t think so... so now youre mad that I busted your bubble of
what you thought these songs to be... damn, what did you think schism was about... or
Fnema, or the noose, a stranger, eulogy, or judith... the list goes on and on... all of apc
and tool songs are about religion, god, government, morals, or self enlightenment and
healing... nothing is ever that of deathly persuasion.... nothing of “I am your god, you are
my slave, do as I say”... no you damned idiot, fucking slave, fucking “pet”... no!!! their
music is highly positive at times and never too hostile or anything of the sort...

you wanna know why I love these people for what they do? tool and apc? here are a few
songs that I’ve connected with very much... one of which really helped me to go on with
my life... you see life for one hasn’t been a piece of cake, hell it isn’t for anyone, but with
my issues and my own personal mentality, life has been beyond hard to live... no I am not
complaining or saying that it isn’t hard for anyone else, but damn, as an active self
mutilator for about three years, I must say that ive been through much of what some
haven’t... and the things that have helped me to not commit suicide and just plainly give
up on myself and on life period are because of what tool and apc stand for... no not just
because of them, but they are a big ass part of me finding my inner strength and working
with it... being enlightened by these people has taken my life from the pits and brought
me up just a bit higher than before... I admit that I am still in the lows of my life, but
knowing that people can make this sort of music and display it on a creative formation of
harmonious beauty is all worth trying to find a way out of the hole I find myself to be in...
sorry you can do that for yourself... but here are a few songs that have helped me very
much, and maybe then you’ll see that not every thing inside of maynard is bad... Read these and then you’ll see...Collapse )
no....he is not the “god” who created this world and universe.... but let me ask you
this...who is? there isn’t an answer... just a belief... and I for one am not religious... by
this statement I clearly state religious... religious is simply what it is... religion....

I never stated that I didn’t believe in a higher power... I just am not pro-organized
religion....I believe in thinking for myself, and doing what makes me feel best, believing
in what I feel correct... not what someone else believes or wants me to believe... tool and
apc happened to coincide with a lot of my own personal beliefs... I hold a special inner
connection to what I believe to be what you call “god”... my own relationship with the
force... my whole deal in life is just the fact to believe that there is a reason for this shit...
that there has to be some god damned reason for everything I’m put through, all the hate I
see in this world and torture I see and pain I see... all the hurting I feel and have felt has
to be for some damn reason... weather or not I find out that reason is unknown, but thats
something I tell myself to keep me going, to keep me waking up each morning... and the
mere simple fact that you, the “pet, are so fucking asleep in this world cant see that is one
thing that truly is saddening, on your part....

and I am not angry anymore, I was at the time, but ya know what... I’m not gonna fret
over the fact that you cant use some sort of empathy to accept that my opinion is just
that, my own... cause remember, I didn’t go around demanding that you were
wrong... I did as I pleased and said how I felt, you on the other hand did the same but you
had to be hostile and angry and hurt and try to bash my opinion with stabs of criticism,
I’m the cynic here in my world, not you!

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check it [13 Oct 2003|12:56am]

[ mood | refreshed ]

this is something i thought you all might enjoy... my friend just used his term the other day and i thought it was the best thing ever... it actually pairs up with my last post.... think about this.... someone extra religious is just like being the "Lords Concubine"... tell me thats not the best thing you've ever heard... i am gonna use this term so fucking much!!!

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my god... [13 Oct 2003|12:29am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

so like I am sitting here online bored as hell, yet I dot feel like doing anything... I dont even feel like making this post... I wanted all these comments.... and then I got them... and then I
was mad that I had so many replies to make...lol...talk about stupid... but I love the fact I got so many comments... I feel loved... a lot more loved than I have ever felt online
before... everyone has so many great things to say and add to.... which is exactly why I love

well, heres the next song from apc that I would like to post for you all, and I will do as
requested and use the code.... so click click click away...
Catch Me If You Can... and read some Amazing APC LyricsCollapse )

so, yeah... I am still waiting to hear about when apc will be on tour in the west coast... I
will pay any amount to see them.... I want maynard to just spit all over me....lol...I hope
you all got that in a totally nonsick way...lol.... well, it is sick... but yeah...I wanna be all
up in the front and when this man screams and yells out those beautiful words I want his
spit to fly all over me so I will of had gotten something of a gift from him...lmao!! am I
sick or what? lol...any how... I love you guys and keep up the comments... we need to
liven up the communities and keep us tool and apc fans moving!!

faith can heal you

feed back quick [11 Oct 2003|04:31am]

[ mood | anxious ]

hey everyone, i know this is another post but i coudnt help it, i just thought of something all of you may enjoy very much.... this is the most dynamic detailed work of art that i have ever seen yet of a web page of tool... this site has everything from the religious aspect of tool to the inerpretations to even science and beliefs of th sort... please, if you love tool, and want to learn the most you could possibly think to learn about tool and everything they stand for then i promise you, you will be very extrememly please wit this site... someone i met online a few months ago gave me te site and i want to share it with you all so what you may all have the chance t experience it like i have, i must say itis the best site i have ever come across yet and you wont be sorry for at least aking five minutes of your time to devote yourself to fully understanding and knowing what tool is all about and stands for, hell you will learn so much for this shit!! i dont care i you think you know evey thing about tool, i guarentee youll learn mch form this site regaurdless... so here goes
click away here to devote your time to your beloved band....

i want feed back as well, so you can tell me how wonderful it was and to thank me for bringing you there... i myself havnt even made it through the whole site yet, its ver deep nd spiritual and scientific and real... like nohing i have ever seen before... the person who made mucst be brilliant and great... i wish i knew him... not to mention the ite is digitaly mastered and all computeriffically put together- have fun... i'll be waiting for feed back anxiously....

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[11 Oct 2003|02:30am]

[ mood | awake ]

so i joined... pretty damn tempting since my screen name and my mail box addresses are actualy reflections of foury-six and 2.... happen to love tool and a perfect circle... i just got the nw album about a week ago... i have been waiting for it for o damn long, thirteenth step is spectacular, its everything i had hoped it to be, extremely melodic... which is so off from tools more industrial aspects... so... i have a question for you all, tell me what you think of the frst track ofthe album, the package... i want everyones ideas and or interprettions as to hat the lyrics are trying to get across... here they are if you dont exactly know them:

"The Package"

Clever got me this far
Then tricky got me in
I am what I'm after
I don't need another friend
Smile and drop the cliche
'Till you think I'm listening
I take just what I came for
Then I'm out the door again

Peripheral long the package
Don't care to settle in
Time to feed the monster
I don't need another friend
Comfort is a mystery
Crawling out of my own skin
Just give me what I came for, then I'm out the door again

Lie to get what I came for
Lie to get just what I need
Lie to get what I crave
Lie and smile to get what's mine

I am what I'm after
I don't need another friend
Nod and watch your lips move
If you need me to pretend
Because clever got me this far
Then tricky got me in
I'll take just what I came for
Then I'm out the door again

Lie to get what I came for
Lie to get what I need now
Lie to get what I'm craving
Lie and smile to get what's mine

Give this to me
Mine, mine, mine
Take what's mine
Mine, mine, mine
Take what's mine
Mine, mine, mine

Lie to get what I came for
Lie to get what I need now
Lie to get what I'm craving
Lie to smile and get what's mine

Give this to me
Take what's mine
Mine, mine, mine
Take what's mine
Give this to me

Take what's mine, take what's mine, mine...
Take what's mine, take what's mine, take what's mine,
This is mine, mine, mine [whispered]

as for some interesting topics, i will continue to ask such question just so i can get to kno the minds of my fellow lj community tool and tool alike fans....
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[29 Sep 2003|03:39pm]

i apologize for the cross-posting if any of you are members of other Tool/A Perfect Circle communities, but i've just started holyreality for the discussion of the religious ideas expressed in Tool's music. check it out if you're interested.
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REVIVAL [30 May 2003|07:49pm]

let's get this community back into action.

some of you have been with me from the very beginning.
some of you don't even know who the hell i am.

i am your previous slackerific maintainer...but when i created this spot i vowed to make one kick ass forum dedicated to TOOL and it's fans.
i somehow lost sight of this project and began new ones that were also left unfinished.

this one will not be unfinished. recruit, recruit, recruit.
let's create some magic, people.
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[12 May 2003|12:26am]

I dislike cross posting into communities. But I enjoy this poem. Because I am,
this poem. This will be the only ever cross posting, as I realize many people share in the same communities and cross postings become annoying on friend's view.

Tool is the best. in the world. no one. else. comes. close. to. them.

inner screamCollapse )
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Hi [01 Apr 2003|02:41pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

The philosophy of why TOOL in a category of it's own, they are music gods, and do superhuman things.
TOOL is comprised of aliens. Well,most of them. Danny is a robot designed by aliens... so, he's a robot who is alien in design.
Maynard: he is too much like strech armstrong to be human. He has no spine. In Ticks and Leeches, the first note he unleashes is a defeaningly soft, inhuman cry... that lasts and lasts... and lasts... human lungs cannot do such things. Plus, Maynard didn't even choose a good disguise, he fucking looks like a damn alien.
Adam: Too fucking creative. Those goddamn videos... creepy and insanely perfect and subtle. Verdict: alien. We are not alone...

Jesus christ... look at the evidence! They were only a band for 5 odd months... and POOOOOF! Record label. Luck? Fate? nay, my friends... Alien intervention and the human recognition of something truly divine, not religiously as in Catholic, and emotionally raping made the "experience" for that's what it is, that we call TOOL.

(look at the evidence!! Look at any picture of Maynard! He ain't fucking human! NO SPINE!! He got a spine tattoo and called it good! PFFT!)

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lets go beat up the new kid. [29 Nov 2002|07:09pm]

ive been looking for a tool community that discussed the meaning behind behind the lyrical works of maynard, as well as the images the band produces, and the small nothings in the liner notes.

my search proved to be rather pointless. so i took the liberty of filling up the empty space.
one_or_ten is my attempt to make sense of the obscurity.

have a lovely evening ladies and gents.
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Greetings. [13 Oct 2002|04:02pm]

[ mood | meh ]

I'm new.
I saw Tool with Tomahawk on the In Side The Out Side Tour in August for the first time.
Changed my life as I knew it would.
It must be said that I don't want to pick fights or create conflict with any OG Tool fans, not my intention...
I must ask though,
Mike Patton =
A)suckilicious hack
C)Closer than Cleanliness even to Godliness

I withhold my opinion until I get feedback (if I get feedback).
Thanks for having me:)

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[15 Jul 2002|09:39pm]

just thought i'd introduce my new community, dannycarey

I think you know what to do.
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[10 Jul 2002|10:48pm]

[ mood | !!! ]

i can't sleep, the tool show is tomorrow. i am so fucking psyched. i can't wait, i can't wait. oh god, it will be so good!

[err, i just had to say that...]

<3 holly

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Something freaky... [06 Jul 2002|02:44pm]

You know, I had a dream last night in which Justin Chancellor was shot and killed at a concert that I happened to be attending. My God did that scare the shit out of me, considering since all that crap about Maynard went down a few days ago.

Somebody PLEASE tell me that this isn't a bad sign, just one of my fucked up dreams??
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Dannycarey.org! [06 Jul 2002|02:39pm]

Danny Carey has his site up now at dannycarey.org.

If you go there and go to technology, then present, you can play a virtual set of his drums. *_*
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