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The philosophy of why TOOL in a category of it's own, they are music gods, and do superhuman things.
TOOL is comprised of aliens. Well,most of them. Danny is a robot designed by aliens... so, he's a robot who is alien in design.
Maynard: he is too much like strech armstrong to be human. He has no spine. In Ticks and Leeches, the first note he unleashes is a defeaningly soft, inhuman cry... that lasts and lasts... and lasts... human lungs cannot do such things. Plus, Maynard didn't even choose a good disguise, he fucking looks like a damn alien.
Adam: Too fucking creative. Those goddamn videos... creepy and insanely perfect and subtle. Verdict: alien. We are not alone...

Jesus christ... look at the evidence! They were only a band for 5 odd months... and POOOOOF! Record label. Luck? Fate? nay, my friends... Alien intervention and the human recognition of something truly divine, not religiously as in Catholic, and emotionally raping made the "experience" for that's what it is, that we call TOOL.

(look at the evidence!! Look at any picture of Maynard! He ain't fucking human! NO SPINE!! He got a spine tattoo and called it good! PFFT!)
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