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feed back quick

hey everyone, i know this is another post but i coudnt help it, i just thought of something all of you may enjoy very much.... this is the most dynamic detailed work of art that i have ever seen yet of a web page of tool... this site has everything from the religious aspect of tool to the inerpretations to even science and beliefs of th sort... please, if you love tool, and want to learn the most you could possibly think to learn about tool and everything they stand for then i promise you, you will be very extrememly please wit this site... someone i met online a few months ago gave me te site and i want to share it with you all so what you may all have the chance t experience it like i have, i must say itis the best site i have ever come across yet and you wont be sorry for at least aking five minutes of your time to devote yourself to fully understanding and knowing what tool is all about and stands for, hell you will learn so much for this shit!! i dont care i you think you know evey thing about tool, i guarentee youll learn mch form this site regaurdless... so here goes
click away here to devote your time to your beloved band....

i want feed back as well, so you can tell me how wonderful it was and to thank me for bringing you there... i myself havnt even made it through the whole site yet, its ver deep nd spiritual and scientific and real... like nohing i have ever seen before... the person who made mucst be brilliant and great... i wish i knew him... not to mention the ite is digitaly mastered and all computeriffically put together- have fun... i'll be waiting for feed back anxiously....
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