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here...i'll go in for peace!!

look, i never meant to piss anyone off...i am sorry... does this help... no one has to be mad of upset that i have an opinion about shit... just accept thateach and everyone of us are different, and that all i wish to do is widen my verizons and see what you all can offer to me as new knowledge of a different view of thought... thanks for all the many comments i got, good or bad, i liked it all... yes i may have been a bit rather cold, but like i stated, Virgo's tend to do that... please lets stop bickering and fighting or being angry or annoyed... i dont want to piss anyone off and i dont want people to piss me off... i
m still gonna continue to post and question songs in my fellow communities, and if you happen to not like anything i have to say, then just comment on how you feel about the song, not how you think I'm wrong... this was the whole main idea of it all... not to start some kind of religious war on a tool community.. with this being said, i wish to move on, and i apologize to any and all who were hurt over mylast post about "the pet", i hope it opened eyes to some and entertained others... remember that you dont have to read my posts if you dont want to... simply skim down the scroll bar and pass me up if you will, but if you leave any comments please do so n your opinion, just dont go around slashing what i say, and try to prove your mind correct... we are all correct andwe are all wrong... everything is different? and yes...I will definitely lj-cut my longer posts...sorry, I d have a very wide intellectual side, so I have tons to say... you should see how much I write in my own personal journal at that... thanks again everyone and pleaseaccept my apology... I'm not trying to battle here... just learn different aspects of the human mind... muah!
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